Company profile

Beijing innovec Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. is an innovative company engaged in gene therapy technology and drug research and development. It is founded by scientists and doctors with rich experience in virology, gene therapy drug development and production, clinical medicine and so on. With innovation as the basic concept, the company is committed to providing efficient, safe and affordable gene therapy drugs through new technologies.

At present, the company's main project pipeline is in the preclinical R & D stage. At this stage, the company's gene therapy technology covers gene replacement therapy and in vivo gene editing.

Founding Team

We are an efficient R & D team with rich experience and innovative spirit. He has many years of scientific research and industrial experience in molecular biology, virology, experimental zoology, clinical medicine and process development.


Company philosophy

Patient Focused

Focusing on the "clinical to clinical" R & D strategy, starting from clinical needs, carry out drug R & D, production and finally make gene therapy products that can serve patients.

Technology Driven

Establish leading delivery, gene editing and process platforms to solve key problems in the field of gene therapy.


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