Head of Ophthalmology R&D

  • Time of issue:2021年09月28日
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Head of Ophthalmology R&D

  • Time of issue:2021-09-28

Job Responsibilities

1. Lead the ophthalmology gene therapy R&D team to develop gene therapy drugs for ophthalmology;

2. Be able to independently carry out early research and development of ophthalmic gene therapy drugs;

3. Able to lead the team to solve the challenges of ophthalmic gene therapy drug development;

4. Have an in-depth understanding of ophthalmic gene therapy projects, and be able to propose creative problem-solving methods;

5. Familiar with policies, laws and regulations in the field of gene therapy at home and abroad.



1. Doctorate degree in molecular biology, pharmacy, medicine and other related majors;

2. Have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the design of ophthalmic gene therapy products;

4. Have innovative thinking and problem-solving skills;

5. Good communication skills, written and oral expression skills;

6. Have the ability to manage R&D teams and project management experience.


Resume delivery email: HR@innovecbio.com



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