Upstream Process Development Engineer

  • Time of issue:2021年09月28日
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Upstream Process Development Engineer

  • Time of issue:2021-09-28

Job Responsibilities

1. Development and optimization of upstream processes: including experimental design, operation, data analysis and report writing;

2. Upstream process enlargement, understanding the characteristics of biochemical reactors of different scales, including shake flasks, 2L, 10L, 50L, etc.;

3. Proficiency in using various instruments developed by upstream processes, including different biochemical reactor operations and parameter settings;

4. Skilled operation related characterization experiments, including DLS, SDS-PAGE, TCID50, ddPCR, etc.;

5. Develop relevant upstream processes for different products;

6. Writing experiment reports and standard operating procedures, etc.;

7. Assist in technology transfer and GMP production.



1. A doctorate degree in bioengineering, chemical engineering, or pharmaceutical engineering related majors with relevant scientific research background, or a master's degree in related majors and industrial experience in biopharmaceutical process development, or a bachelor degree with years of upstream process development experience;

2. Familiar with the methods of upstream process development;

3. Familiar with DOE and other process optimization methods and data analysis software;

4. Serious and responsible work, self-motivated and teamwork spirit;

5. Good expression and communication skills;

6. Familiar with office software and good writing skills.


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